Neeli Zinda Hai Episode 10

Neeli Zinda Hai Episode 10 - Neeli Zinda Hai is a 2021 Pakistani Urdu-language supernatural horror drama series that premieres on ARY Digital , it’s on aired on every Thursday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital. The 1st Episode was release on 20 May 2021.

The story revolves around a married couple Amaan and Sumbul (Mohib Mirza & Sonia Mishal) and their mute daughter Minal (Tehreem). Sumbul has recently gone through stillbirth while Amaan was in Australia. The couple is not on good terms as they are in a long distance relationship for past six years. Even Minal is not close to her father; however, one big factor in this alienation is Amaan’s mother Mehrbano (Kinza Malik) who hates her daughter-in-law and granddaughter. She is obsessive about his son and doesn’t want him to reconnect with his family.
Neeli Zinda Hai Episode 10

We saw little of Neeli in this episode as compared to those in the past. But she is getting stronger and stronger with every passing episode. 

She openly becomes visibly in front of Sumbu while she is around Ammar- who is totally unaware of the paranormal activity in his house. Our hauntingly stunning ghosts threaten Sumbul with her deep blue eyes and scares the living daylights out of her. She tries to strangle her as Sumbul takes her medicines, making her all the more hysterical. 

Minal is observing all that is happening in the home. Though she cannot speak, she feels for her mother and feels extremely lonely. Neeli takes advantage of this sadness developing in Minal, brainwashing her that she will always be there for her as her parents don’t care for her. 

Meanwhile, Meherbano sends a spy of a friend to find out if Sumbul is expecting again. However, this time, our heroine turns savage and ensures her mother-in-law’s gossip buddy returns with nothing to tell.Amaan gets injured as he fights back with the goons who want to take over his plot. He is determined to fight them and is all set to lodge a complaint to the police, only to get stopped by his father. 

All spotlight was on Nagina (Jinaan Hussain) in this episode as she leaves no stone unturned to convince Sumbul about her mother-in-law and her black magic doings. In real, she is paving a way for Dilawer to enter the scene and take control of the ‘Neeli situation’ in the house. 

However, I like the interesting take of the writer here as Minal is the first one who has come under the influence of a supernatural force and being a mute child, she won’t be able to explain the unnatural phenomena.


Directed by: Qasim Ali Mureed
Written by: Adeel Razzaq
Original channel: ARY Digital
Original Run:  2021
Number of episodes: 25
Actors: Urwa Hocane, Sonia Mishal, Mohib Mirza, Osama Tahir, Kinza Malik, Tahir Jatoi, Jinaan Hussain, Aliya Ali, Tahreem, Mohammad Ahmed, Hina Rizvi, Agha Mustafa Hassan

Neeli Zinda Hai is a very good drama. It connects with the audience directly. And the emotions are beautifully shown. Must watch it.

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