Neeli Zinda Hai Episode 11

 Neeli Zinda Hai Episode 11 - Neeli Zinda Hai is a 2021 Pakistani Urdu-language supernatural horror drama series that premieres on ARY Digital , it’s on aired on every Thursday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital. The 1st Episode was release on 20 May 2021.

The story revolves around a married couple Amaan and Sumbul (Mohib Mirza & Sonia Mishal) and their mute daughter Minal (Tehreem). Sumbul has recently gone through stillbirth while Amaan was in Australia. The couple is not on good terms as they are in a long distance relationship for past six years. Even Minal is not close to her father; however, one big factor in this alienation is Amaan’s mother Mehrbano (Kinza Malik) who hates her daughter-in-law and granddaughter. She is obsessive about his son and doesn’t want him to reconnect with his family.

Neeli Zinda Hai Episode 11 

This episode brought about a sudden intriguing angle to the storyline. So far viewers have witnessed paranormal episodes and the unknown attachment between a spirit-like being and a girl. But, it gets rather interesting from here on as the purpose behind all the unfolding events gets revealed. 

Sumbal stops Aman and tries to show her the bloodstain on her bed sheet. However, when she opens up the sheet there is no bloodstain, so Aman goes to the psychiatrist to discuss Sumbal’s mental health. The psychiatrist tells Aman that Sumbal’s subconscious mind is doubtful about him leaving her alone again, i.e. why she is presumably seeing mysterious figures. Hence, Aman gives some pills to Sumbal and she gets offended. 

Earlier that day, Sumbal sees a crying baby again while Neeli observes her. Later on, Minal goes to get food and Nagina scolds her. Neeli sees this and gives Minal food and takes her to a closed storeroom. Neeli explains to Minal that she died thirty years ago and since then no one has spoken to her because everyone is afraid of her. She also tells Minal that she’ll call her Mannu from now on, the same name as her own daughter. Nagina spots Minal playing alone and Neeli levitates Nagina in the air which freaks her out. However, when Sumbal asks, she lies and later on, goes to see Dilawar. 

However, I like the interesting take of the writer here as Minal is the first one who has come under the influence of a supernatural force and being a mute child, she won’t be able to explain the unnatural phenomena. 

Directed by: Qasim Ali Mureed
Written by: Adeel Razzaq
Original channel: ARY Digital
Original Run:  2021
Number of episodes: 25
Actors: Urwa Hocane, Sonia Mishal, Mohib Mirza, Osama Tahir, Kinza Malik, Tahir Jatoi, Jinaan Hussain, Aliya Ali, Tahreem, Mohammad Ahmed, Hina Rizvi, Agha Mustafa Hassan

Neeli Zinda Hai is a very good drama. It connects with the audience directly. And the emotions are beautifully shown. Must watch it.

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