Parizad Episode 7

Parizad Episode 7 - Parizad is a 2021-22 Pakistani Urdu-language drama serial based on the novel of the same name by Hashim Nadeem. It is the best Pakistani Hum TV television series. The serial was on aired on Tuesday, at 8:00 PM 20th July 2021 to 1st February 2022.

The story of drama is about, Parizad Episode 7, this was another one of those episodes which took me completely by surprise. Lubna’s character turned out to be the complete opposite of her first impression. Meaningful conversations, brilliant performances, and amazing camerawork make Parizaad the only drama right now I truly look forward to watching and discussing. Ahmed Ali Akbar’s performance was superb as usual; this should be counted as one of the best performances in Pakistani dramas ever!
Parizad Episode 7

Right from the start, Parizaad was honest about the visible differences between him and Lubna. Even though he is shy and well aware of his ‘shortcomings’, Parizaad is always eloquent. He wins people over with his words, even when he is not reciting poetry; his conversations are a true reflection of his actual personality. You would expect someone as shy as him to hold back while talking to someone but Parizaad does not do that, perhaps because one thing he is confident about is his intellect and how he puts his feelings into words. This part of his personality makes him an even more appealing character. He also enjoys attention and praise; in this episode as well, there were at least 4 scenes in which he enjoyed the attention he was getting. 

At the party, he knew he was a misfit but he turned up. Even when Noman made the offer, Parizaad did not just refuse but left with a remark that you would normally not expect from someone like him. He has a strong side to his personality as well and it is this eloquence that makes all his scenes more interesting. Lubna’s track is also quite interesting; I want to know more about her. She also seems like a misfit and is constantly pushed around to do things she’s not comfortable with. The move was done against her wishes and her mother also keeps a check on who she can be friends with. Mashal Khan acted well in this episode and I warmed up to this character instantly. 

However, this is no simple romance. The story actually touches on a lot of serious topics, skillfully questioning both societal norms and many of the stereotypes our dramas love to perpetuate in pursuit of ratings. 

Director:  Shahzad Kashmiri
Produced by: Momina Duraid
Written by: Hashim Nadeem
Original channel: Hum TV
Original Run: 20th July 2021 to 1st February 2022
No. of Episodes: 29

Actors: Ahmed Ali Akbar, Syed Muhammad Ahmed, Urwa Hocane, Ushna Shah, Yumna Zaidi, Saboor Ali, Mashal Khan, Tipu Shah, Kiran Tabeer, Laila Zuberi, Madiha Rizvi, Malik Hamid Raza, Nadia Afgan, Paras Masroor, Saad Azhar, Dilnasheen Mazhar, Tahira Imam, Ismat Zaidi, Anjum Habibi, Faiz Chuhan, Saleem Mairaj, Nargis Rasheed, Munazzah Arif, Jaun Elia (Childstar), Raza Abid

Parizad is a very good drama. It connects with the audience directly. And the emotions are beautifully shown. Must watch it.

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