Jhok Sarkar Episode 14

“Jhok Sarkar Episode 14” - "Jhok Sarkar" is a 2023 Pakistani Urdu-language drama serial. It’s a good Pakistani Hum TV television series to watch. “Jhok Sarkar” premiered on every Tuesday at 8:00 PM on Hum TV and at 9:00PM on Youtube from June 6, 2023. “Jhok Sarkar Drama” reveals the story of Arsalan piercing through all obstacles laid his way. Watch the enthralling journey of a steadfast man set on a mission of liberation. In a place where power and influence dictate the course of justice, there arise entities that challenge the status quo and ignite the flames of change. This sensational serial takes us on a thrilling journey to Jhok Siyal, at the center of it all is DSP Arsalan, a fearless police officer determined to eradicate the brutality and restore righteousness. As the story unfolds, viewers will witness the incredible challenges faced by DSP Arsalan in his quest for justice. With each step he takes, he must confront not only the powerful individuals protecting the status quo but also the deep-rooted systems that enable and perpetuate injustice.
Jhok Sarkar Episode 14

Director: Saife Hassan

Produced by: MD Productions

Written by: Hashim Nadeem

Original channel: Hum TV

Original Run: June 6, 2023 -

No. of Episodes: --

Episode Run Time: 36 – 39 mints

Actors: Farhan Saeed, Hiba Bukhari, Saad Azhar, Hassan Niazi, Asif Raza Mir Mamia, Usman Javed, Mahenur Haider and Others.

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